Build It! Miami Beach Resort

Build It! Miami Beach Resort

Build it! Miami Beach Resort is a time-management game
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Build it! Miami Beach Resort is a time-management game in which you have to create your own beach resort from scratch. Like in most games of this genre, every level has certain goals that you must achieve in the allotted time in order to get to the next one. In this case, your goals will have to do with the construction of certain buildings that will attract tourists and generate income. You start from a certain year and as you progress, you advance in time. When constructing buildings and facilities, you always have to pay attention to the color they should be painted, or which buildings are required or forbidden to be built around one another. Your remaining goals have to do with the characteristics of your city that you must never forget. Sometimes, you will have to build beyond the constructions tasks, so that the desired city status is reached and the goals fulfilled. What is more, the buildings and facilities require additional maintenance: they must be repaired, cleaned or supplied. Also, some of them can be upgraded, meaning that they can increase their capacity or generate more income. Apart from the lodgings, you will also have to create hotels and recreational areas that will increase the attractiveness of your city, and it is very important to keep a balance between them.
In addition to this, the game includes an extra mode called Riot, but it is only available when reaching year 1930.
Regarding the graphics, the game features colorful and very attractive visuals. Sound effects are normal and the music is suitable, but a bit repetitive.
In short, Build it! Miami Beach Resort is a wonderful time-management game with a construction theme that will surely attract many fans of this genre.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great visuals
  • Two modes
  • Lots of buildings and facilities
  • Challenging


  • Repetitive music
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